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Polished Ammonites
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Click to enlarge   Name Eutrephoceras cf expansum (Huge example))
  ref NAUT702
  Age Cretaceous, Gault Clay
  Size Size of Nautilus 155mm
  location Horton Clay Pit, Small Dole, W Sussex
  price £ 895.00
Click to enlarge   Name Bredyia crassonata (Quality)
  ref AMM7396
  Many years ago, when the caravan site at Freshwater was being developed, many wonderful inferior oolite fossils were discovered in their excavations. This particularly fine example is "popped" Bredyia which has been fully developed on both sides. The cast is also a perfect fit and obviously comes with this specimen. This is a rare inferior oolite ammonite, especially of this high quality.
  Age Jurassic, Inferior Oolite, Scissum Zone
  Size Size of Ammonite 123mm
  location Freshwater, Dorset, UK
  price £ 245.00
Click to enlarge   Name Amaltheus margaritatus (Large display specimen)
  ref AMM7395
  Age Jurassic, Middle Lias, Margaritatus Zone
  Size Size of Ammonite 170mm
  location Eype, Dorset, UK
  price £ 425.00
Click to enlarge   Name Pentacrinites fossilis (Wonderful example)
  ref CRIN551
  This is an exceptional piece of crinoid from the world famous Jurassic coast of Dorset. The relief and quality of this specimen is second to none and in our opinion, one of the finest, although not complete, that we have had to offer. Specimens such as this very rarely come onto the open market. The pictures just do not do this specimen justice. Fossils Direct is a premium collectors website.
  Age Jurassic, Lower Lias, Pentacrinites Zone
  Size Size of specimen 180mm x 110mm
  location Black Ven, Lyme Regis, Dorset, UK
  price £ 395.00
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